How To Print

Hey there, Awesome Educators and Parents!

We're thrilled to share some handy tips on getting the best out of your prints. Let's make sure those wonderful resources look as vibrant and engaging in print as they are in design!

🌟 Paper Choice: For that perfect print, we recommend high-quality cardstock paper – aim for something sturdy, like 190 gsm, for that professional touch!

🖨️ Printing Options: You've got choices, and we're here to guide you through them!

You could print them from home or take them to your local print shop or online printing services for better quality print.

1. Home Printing: All our prints are ready to roll in 8.5x11 (US Standard Letter Size). Your home printer is perfect for these! Just a little heads-up: the colors might vary slightly based on your screen settings and ink types.

2. Local Print Shops
Feel like stepping out? Pop your PDF files on a flash drive and head over to your local Staples, Walgreen's, or Costco. They've got you covered!

3. Online Printing Services

Prefer to keep it cozy at home? Upload your files to online printing services, and let them deliver straight to your doorstep. Check out these options:

Print from the comfort of your home by uploading to online printing services and the PDF Files will be printed and sent to your door step:


  • Prints of Love: We've teamed up with them for top-notch printing, and guess what? You get a sweet 10% off with the code 10OFFCALM.
  • Vistaprint


    Costco Photo Center

    🛡️ Lamination: Want to keep those prints looking fresh for longer? Laminating them is a great idea, especially if they're going to be loved and used a lot!

    🌟 Need additional help?

    If you run into any hiccups or have questions about downloading, just shoot us an email at or reach out here. We're on this journey with you, dedicated to fostering genuine connections and nurturing emotional intelligence in our children – far beyond the digital world and deep into the enriching realm of learning and genuine connections.

    Warm regards,

    The Team at Calm and Joyful Kids