benefits of calm down corner

5 Benefits of a Calm Down Corner

The calm down corner is a safe space for kids to calm down and self-regulate when they feel overwhelmed, angry, stressed, overstimulated, and anxious. 


#1 Benefits of a Calm Down Corner: Improves Emotional Regulation Skills


benefits of calm down corner

Calm down corners teach kids how to identify and regulate their emotions. 


Emotion regulation refers to a person’s ability to control, influence, and respond to an emotional experience. By acknowledging and identifying their emotions, kids can learn how to process them. Providing a safe space allows them to recognize and communicate their feelings and needs.


We have created a set of emotional regulation tools for the calm down corner when kids feel overwhelmed or are having a meltdown. These are visual tools that kids can use to identify and express their feelings, these are lifelong skills that are associated with well-being and success.


Emotional literacy is the ability to identify and understand our own feelings and the feelings of others. It is a stepping stone to developing emotional regulation skills and healthy interpersonal communication skills. Younger kids who are still learning to read or have a limited vocabulary of emotions can benefit from the Calm Down Corner. Having a visual guide and visual tools helps them expand their feelings vocabulary and understand the difference between feelings.


#2 Benefits of a Calm Down Corner: Encourages Self-responsibility

benefits of calming corner

Calm down corners empower children to take responsibility for their own emotions, reactions, and choices. When children choose calming strategies to cool down, it teaches them how to be independent and take control when they feel overwhelmed in a situation. Over time, children understand that how they choose to respond has different consequences. Encouraging them to take control can help your child to be more responsible for their choices and actions.


#3 Benefits of a Calm Down Corner: Structured Approach to Manage Tantrums

calm down corner benefits

Calm Down Corners provide a structured approach to managing big emotions:

Step 1 - Identify Emotions

Step 2 - Choose Calming Strategies

Step 3 - Identify Emotions After Using Calming Strategies

Step 4 - Reflection


Having a structured approach teaches kids a step-by-step process to respond to situations, and make the appropriate choices and decisions there and then. 


Without a structured approach, children may make decisions without considering the consequences. A step-by-step approach helps kids learn a solution-focused approach to responding to situations. For example, instead of throwing toys or hitting their friend or sibling when they feel upset, they ask themselves, ''What calming strategies can I use to calm down?'' 


#4 Benefits of Calm Down Corner: Teach Mindfulness


calm down corner printables

The various activities available at the calm corner can teach kids how to self-regulate and self-soothe when they feel stressed and anxious. For example, mindful breathing exercises help kids focus on their breath to calm the mind. After calming down, your kids can think more clearly and make a better choice to respond to the situation. Yoga is also a great way to teach mindfulness to children. Studies show that yoga can improve mood and relieve symptoms of anxiety at school and at home.


#5 Benefits of Calm Down Corner: Giving Positive Feedback and Reflection to Learn from Mistakes


Calming corner posters

Calm corner creates an opportunity for children to learn from reflection and feedback. 


Self-reflection help children to reflect on their behavior, feelings, and choices and how the calming strategies helped them calm down.


Positive feedback helps to encourage their efforts to self-regulate using calming strategies. With positive feedback, children will learn to continually practice self-regulation skills and even use them outside of the Calm Corner.


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