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The Ultimate Emotion Mastery Kit Self-regulation Toolbox for Kids

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The Ultimate Emotion Mastery Kit Self-regulation Toolbox for Kids

Empower kids (ages 3 to 11) to navigate big emotions, tame tantrums, and excel with this essential resource kit for parents and educators, perfect for your home, classroom, or counseling office. Take the first step toward transformation today!

🌟 Trusted by Thousands: 2000+ glowing reviews from satisfied parents, educators, and counselors globally 🌍✨ 

''Perfect for my office as a school social worker! They look great and are very useful in helping the children I work with regulate their emotions.''

''Beautiful pictures and simple, clean, easy to understand. My son has autism so i need visuals that are super direct without too much "background noise". I am so happy I stumbled upon these. DONT HESITATE!''

''Such a perfect fit and resource for my school Counselor office!! The students love reading and using these tools. I very much recommend!!!🤍👏🏼''

''Great collection of calming techniques and activities for children. Just what I was looking for for our calming corner.''

''These are great, I’ve downloaded for my son with ASD to help him. I also work with allot of SEN children who might also benefit. Lovely items thank you 😊''

''Brilliant resources I can use with my children, but also in a professional capacity. I am very happy with my purchase.''

''Amazing! I love working with my kiddos and they are very receptive when it comes to this bundle.''



⭐ Teach self-regulation skills and calming strategies
⭐ Encourage kids to respond to big emotions in a healthy manner
Reduce disruptive behavior & temper tantrums
⭐ Teach self-soothing skills to manage anxiety
⭐ Help kids to develop self-control and independence
Engaging visuals & activities for kids

Unlock Emotional Mastery: Transform Tantrums into Triumphs and Foster Resilience in Your Child!

🧘‍♀️ Emotional Regulation Mastery: Empower your child with essential skills to navigate their emotions effectively. You'll be amazed at how well they can manage their big feelings!

💪 Empowerment for Kids: Foster a sense of empowerment in your children, giving them the tools they need to independently handle those rollercoaster emotions and become resilient champions in the face of life's challenges.

🤝 Social Skills and Empathy Development: Help your child develop crucial social skills and empathy, enabling them to build positive relationships with peers and adults. These skills will set them up for success in all their social interactions.

⭐ What will I receive in this Calm Corner Bundle?

  1. Calming Down Choices Cards & Board

Empower Emotional Independence: Propel your child towards emotional self-sufficiency, equipping them with self-regulation choices to confidently navigate challenging moments.

  1. Poster Bundle of 50 Calm Corner Prints

Teach coping skills: Empowering posters that guide children through diverse coping skills, challenge negative thoughts and mindfulness techniques to anchor them to the present, to transform tantrums into teachable moments

  1. Calm Corner Binder Cover and Spine

Keep Organized: Keep your calming tools orderly and within reach, ensuring timely intervention during emotional outbursts.

  1. Calm Corner Reflection Sheets

Foster Growth and Reflection: Guide your child in self-reflection, helping them process and journal their emotions, transforming challenges into opportunities for growth.

  1. Grounding Mindfulness Exercises

Staying grounded: Equip your child with grounding techniques, perfect for the calm corner or classroom, that transform anxiety into serenity, fostering self-regulation.

  1. A to Z Coping Skills Cards

Endow your child with diverse coping strategies to ensure they're emotionally equipped to face life's challenges confidently,

  1. 30 Mindful Breathing Techniques

Enhance focus, reduce stress, and promote emotional well-being.

  1. 23 Mindful Tracing Breathing Exercises

Allow tactile engagement to guide young minds towards self-regulation and focus on the present moment

  1. 30 Mindful Breathing Coloring Pages

Merge the therapeutic effects of coloring with mindful breathing, harmonizing art and mindfulness to channel focus, release tension and anxiety.

  1. Grounding Yoga Cards & Posters

Harness yoga's innate benefits for stress relief, focus, and mindfulness

  1. Yoga Sun Salutation Print

Embrace the rejuvenating power of the sun salutation sequence, cultivating enhanced focus, emotional balance, and self-regulation skills in children

  1. Alphabet Coping Skills Coloring Pages

Merge the therapeutic effects of coloring with emotional growth, exploring multiple coping skills

  1. Feelings Wheel Posters

Dive deep into the spectrum of emotions, fostering understanding, self-awareness and empathy.

  1. Calm Corner Activity Book

Equip children with the skills to recognize and navigate their emotions, fostering emotional intelligence and resilience for life's challenges

  1. Anger Management Workbook

Equip your child with practical strategies to understand, manage anger. Say goodbye to destructive tantrums and say hello to improved self-awareness, self-regulation, and healthier relationships with peers and adults.

How do I get my hands on these printables? 📩

You'll receive a convenient 8.5x11 US Letter Size PDF file. Once your purchase is complete, keep an eye on your email for a download link. Ready to get started? Click here: Download Guide

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Secure your order TODAY, and as a SPECIAL GIFT, receive our EXCLUSIVE GUIDE packed with practical tips and insights for parents and teachers. Don't just acquire the tools – master them and witness a transformation in your child's or student's emotional well-being. Act now, and let's embark on this journey together!

💪 Join thousands of parents and educators who have transformed their homes, classrooms. The Ultimate Emotion Mastery Kit isn't just another tool; it's THE tool. It's your backstage pass to a more harmonious classroom and a happier home. And guess what? I believe in its magic so much that I’m willing to bet once you dive in, you'll wish you had it years ago. So, are you ready to make a difference that lasts? Click add to cart and embark on the transformative journey today!

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